You Should of Laid Low Pouncey

10/28/13 By A-Train


Aaron Hernandez was arrested on murder. Mike & Maurkice Pouncey were former teammates when they attended the University of Florida.  The twins were caught wearing a “free Hernandez” hat in the offseason. Mike Pouncey’s Dolphins were in Massachusetts to play the Patriots. After the loss, the cops handed Pouncey a subpoena at the locker room.

My take:
Some people might disassociate with a friend who gets arrested while others might not. There are a lot of things that play into making the decision on whether you’ll support your friend through their tough situation or abandon the sinking ship. For example, if you’re buddies with Jerry Sandusky you might want to untag yourself in every facebook photo ya’ll had together. On the other hand, if you’re buddies with Pat Mcafee  then you might be more likely to still be friends with him after his does his time. Basically, it all depends on the situation and the circumstances of the arrest.

Which leads me to my point, if I know a guy is killing dudes or sellings guns illegally……………. if I know he’s doing serious federal crimes, theres no way in hell I’m wearing “free homeboy” hats.Shit, if thats a close friend, I might give him a phone call here and there but hell no I’m not putting myself out there the way Pouncey did. Now his ass is getting investigated and who knows how this could end.

Final thoughts:

Somebody better tell his brother, Maurkice, to avoid the state of Massachusetts. They might need to trade his ass to the NFC or something.



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