Should the MLB Perform a Self Imposed lockout?


By: Randy Yiadom

“Today is a good day” in my (ice cube voice) you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited? Well baseball season is over and the fraudulent players are on leave until next season. We are now about to tune into watching some of the best athletes in the universe play the most exciting sports all at the same time. We got fun filled weekends, were real men all over the world are rejoicing while watching sports all day and eating junk food with a brew in their hand. You got soccer in the morning, football at noon and Basketball in the evening. In other words a weekend has passed you buy and you didn’t have to spend money on a useless Saturday night. Oh yeah I forgot to mention you still got a whole Sunday to watch the NFL and monitor your fantasy so embrace these weekends before it passes you by. The best part about this sports shuffle is we don’t have to watch any baseball during this time.

In past years, I have been a casual baseball fan and always tuned in during the HR derby and playoffs. But as a sports fan I’ve had it up to the sky with these superstar athletes lying, is nothing wrong with a little edge on your opposition but like Jeezy said on TM 101 track 13 I quote “don get caught”. Yet these morons are in the middle of every scandal. With that being said I’ve gotten text messages via group chat to witness history with bases loaded in the 9th during the World Series but not one time when I viewed the message I considered switching channels. Last time I checked, everybody wanted to be a part of history or witness it but from the looks of the things nobody gives a damn about the MLB. Until the people of the free world give a damn about baseball I think it’s time for Bud Selig to perform a self-imposed lockout on the MLB. They should ban the league until players and executives get there mind right. The same way an accountant performs an audit on a company annually they need to audit the sport and clean the mess up completely. Ortiz was a few steps of being out of the MLB a few years ago now he’s the baseball savior and media is trying to act as if he was a clean and honest player. Yeah right, allegedly Ortiz is 38 years old in American years but he probably 56 in his native country. But what’s really crazy is he’s hitting over .700 in the World Series? Last time I checked the older you got the less you can do but with a little help of some PEDs my man Ortiz has got his groove back. Though it’s all speculation, overall the sport of a baseball is a big circus from Brian Cashman blackballing A-Rod or Ryan Braun lying on national TV and still receiving  a  pay check during suspension. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now. These egotistical players aren’t fighting the cases to prove their innocence, they are doing it to protect their image that’s already been tainted and act as if they were the victim “child please”. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Time and time again we see the same scandal over again and I’m tired like an African Nurse working doubles. Now if my request of a lockout was to ever go thru I have  3 golden steps on how to improve the sport:

  • Step 1: Accept the players who cheated during the steroid era.They cheated but statistically they were still going to make the HOF before they cheated so let them in.
  • Step 2: All cheaters and alleged cheaters must write a 12 page letter on why they should get a second chance, excuse me did I say second? I meant to say fifth chance.
  • Step 3: Yankees pay that man A-rod what you owe him and admit that you got played in your own game. After he receives all his compensation just sue him when he is M.C. hammer broke and he can have a reality show on VH1. So we can laugh at him like we did  Canseco . Harsh but “everybody plays the fool” as Aaron Neville would say.



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