Ritchie Incognito is a Psycho

By Aynom


Yesterday was a confusing day in regards to the Jonathan Martin story. We all heard that he left the team after bullying but it wasn’t confirmed by the Dolphins until yesterday. In fact they initially released a statement yesterday that they weren’t made aware of any bullying.

“The notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally.”

Miami Dolphins Statement On Jonathan Martin

Whether it’s the locker room, the class room, or the streets some feel that it’s taboo to report wrongdoing and be labeled a “snitch.” I would assume that Martin was reluctant to release the full details of the abuse he’s been dealing with in his workplace. We later learned that Martin was bullied by fellow offensive linemen Ritchie Incognito. If Martin wasn’t worried about being labeled a snitch then maybe he was worried about repercussions. Incognito left Martin voicemails in April saying he’d shit in Martins Mouth and slap his mother in addition to calling him the n-word. Even on social media, Incognito always referred to Martin as “big weirdo.”

I find it interesting that Incognito was not accused of any wrong doing until AFTER the Dolphins released the statement that there is no proof of bullying. But I find it even more interesting on how Incognito reacted when the Dolphins released the statement. He basically demands that the media clear his name.



In the end, the Dolphins ended up issuing another statement later that night stating that Incognito is suspended indefinitely from the team. Dolphins will eventually release him but for now they are going to keep Incognito on the suspended list. If he’s suspended they don’t have to pay him since they can prove his conduct was detrimental to the team. If they cut Incognito now, he would actually make more money then if they kept him suspended.

This now leaves the most sacked team without two of their starting offensive linemen (and keep in mind they have another offensive linemen who was just issued a subpoena ).



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