Basketball Nerds Rejoice! New “Super Stats” are here!

By AynomsportvuThis hasn’t been huge news but the NBA has been experimenting with a new technology called SportVU. SportVU is the newest way for GMs, scouts, coaches, and everyone else to analyze and track player performance.

Heres how it works. 6 cameras are installed in the catwalks of every NBA arena. The cameras record the movements of the player 25 times per second. Computer software then collects and interprets the data. According to the NBA you can track things like the speed of players on the court, how much they ran, how many times they touched the ball, how the centers impact FG % in the paint, how often you pass, and so much more.

This new technology will really help some teams and their scouting departments. As long as they know how to use and interpret the data. For teams that don’t rely on advanced data to analyze players could put themselves at a disadvantage.

But it won’t just be a tool for the NBA executives. This will be a big tool for the media and bloggers like myself. This data will make awards like defensive player of the year much easier to determine. We won’t just be limited to simple stats like steals & blocks.

These new  “super-stats” are already available on the NBA stats page.


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