Is Anthony Bennett the Reincarnation of Kwame Brown?



Ok maybe I’m jumping the gun with this comparison but lets be honest Anthony Bennett is horrible! It’s hard to compare anyone to Kwame Brown( the biggest bust In pro sports) but at this rate why not? The only #1 pick to start off a season this bad since Kwame Brown is Bennett.  In the 10 games to start the season Anthony Bennett is averaging 1 point per game, and shooting 1% from the floor and less then 1 percent from three point range.


 On the Brightside you can only go up from those numbers, and his performance in college seemed legitimate. He was a 17 and 8 player during his only season at UNLV, and reminded many people of Larry Johnson aka grand mama. The Cavaliers jumped the gun and selected him first overall, but so far he’s playing more like Madea. It is only the beginning of a very long season, so hopefully he can turn it around and contribute. 


( Bisportisan will  perform a follow up  review  of Bennett’s performance at the All-Star break, stay tuned) 


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